dBb Remond bottle LO wide aperture 0-4 months 250 ml

SKU: 7129007 Dbb Remond bottle Lo wide-open 0-4 months 250Ml


This bottle wide opening is without bisphenol A. The bottle is equipped with a silicone nipple and suitable for babies from 0 to 4 months. This bottle is also equipped with a CAP to prevent leaks. 30 in 30ml graduations.

directions for use:

Before 1st use, place the article in boiling water for 5 minutes for hygiene. Before each use, clean the product with warm soapy water and rinse. Then sterilize it 10 minutes by boiling.


In tritan material without BPA retortable washable in dishwasher.


1 bottle of 250 ml