dBb Remond bottle full chicks 240ml

Bottle full glass patterned poussin and silicone to air regulator nipple.
Manufacturer: dBb Remond


SKU 5386346 dBb Remond bottle full chicks 240 ml

Upon the birth of their baby, some mothers wish to breastfeed while others, who cannot breast-feed or who do not want to do, give them the bottle. Therefore, choose a suitable baby bottle.


The dBb Remond brand sells since its creation of many baby care products. This company innovates constantly. She has designed a full bottle in glass with a pacifier to air silicone regulators. Her graduation goes from 20 ml to 240 ml.

This innovation helps the child to swallow air during feeding and thus avoid the risk of hiccups. It also eliminates any colic.

This bottle made in France is decorated with purple and yellow chicks. His purple hood graduated from 10 to 50 ml allowing pod milk powder.

The full bottle dBb Remond therefore combines meals and security. The baby can eat comfortably.

dBb Remond bottle full operating tips:

Before use clean the nipple and bottle then rinse them. Then sterilize by boiling 10 minutes.

Fill the feeding bottle with the desired product.

After each use, clean and Sterilise the feeding bottle and teat.

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