dBb Remond bib picks up - any reason flower

Large bib in jersey, covered with plastic transparent printed allowing food of slide without soaking the fabric.
Manufacturer: dBb Remond
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SKU: 7222057 dBb Remond bib pick up - all flower pattern


dBb Remond bib pick up-all flower pattern is a great bib in jersey, covered with transparent plastic printed that allows food to slide and do not soak the cloth.It has a crumb picks up more hard plastic at the bottom of the bib, which attaches by snap buttons for easy maintenance, and who clings or not during the meal, depending on the age of the child.The beat picks up avoids the child to get dirty legs, which are often discovered during the meal, even with large bibs. Once the food has fallen into the crumb picks up, you can just pour it into the trash.The bib attaches behind the neck of baby by Velcro for more maneuverability.

Using advice:

Use with or without garbage collector, depending on the age of the child. Maintenance manual (with a damp sponge). To store the bib, roll it and stuck it in the beat picks up.


Bib for meals of the child at the beginning of the diversification.