CytolNat CytolSlim slimming 200ml cream

Help to refine the silhouette and regain a firmer and more toned skin

Manufacturer: Cytolnat

SKU: 6061994 CytolNat CytolSlim cream slimming 200ml

Overview : Cytolslim combines caffeine, asset known for its action on the removal of excess body fat and Centella asiatica which activates micro-circulation and stimulates the synthesis of collagen. silhouette is refined and tissues strengthened with visible reduction of the "orange peel". operating tips : for optimal results, apply a DAB of Cytolslim twice a day (preferably at sunrise and at sunset after shower or bath). good massage to get Cytolslim on each of the areas (thighs, buttocks, hips, belly...) you want to refine and reshape. Cure of attack: 2 consecutive months recommended. Cure of maintenance: 2 consecutive weeks, each month.