Cystine B6 shampoo anti-hair loss 200ml


SKU 9758974 cystine B6 shampoo anti-hair loss 200 ml

Cystine B6 shampoo fall is a mild shampoo suitable to combat hair loss through its combination of assets essential to the good health of the hair.
Cystine B6 shampoo fall contains a precursor of cystine and vitamin B6, 2 assets essential to the formation of keratin, essential constituent of the hair, which strengthen the resistance and elasticity of the hair protecting the hair follicle and stimulating the growth of hair.
Cystine B6 shampoo fall also benefits from a complex fall at base of pyrithione zinc, inhibitor of the enzyme 5a reductase, which slows down the fall, increases capillary density and promotes regrowth. Thanks to its pleasantly scented soft cleansing base and the presence of agents enhancers and moisturizers, Cystine B6 gently cleanses hair without drying them and facilitates their styling.
so your hair found flexibility and force.

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