Cryopharma pen Wartner 1.5 ml

SKU: 9814879 Cryopharma pen Wartner 1.5 ml

Overview : pen Remover Wartner by Cryopharma is a medical device indicated for the treatment of warts (common warts and Plantar warts) generally. applicator pen contains a gel of highly concentrated to eliminate the warts of the hands or feet. gel promotes cell renewal of the skin that causes a peeling. when this happens new healthy skins are formed and the wart of the hands or feet decreases and then disappears. instruction manual : apply two times a day for 4 days. after 4 days, the skin breaks over the 4 days following. you can carefully remove the skin peeling under warm water after treatment , a new healthy skin (free of wart of the hands or feet) to form. the wart disappears from the first week of treatment. Where the wart does not disappear completely, repeat the treatment after a period of 4 days of judgment. option to renew this calendar of treatment up to 4 times. one drop of gel is required per application.