Cream comfort infinity 50ml argan Galénic


SKU 6003080 cream comfort infinity 50 ml argan Galénic

Properties: rich and soothing, it wraps your skin in extreme comfort and protects it from the effects of the weather. Genuine "gold of the desert" Moroccan argan oil is a rare asset to the exceptional nutritional, reapratrices and anti-aging qualities. Pioneers and experts in its use in dermo-cosmetics for over 25 years. Galénic concentrenet laboratories and multiply its power by creating a unique and precious argan oil, enriched with vitamin E antioxidant. Associated with Shea butter, beeswax and sesame oil, it repairs, envelope and intensely protects your skin. In addition to the sensory pleasure of a generous cream to the "cotton" effect, the delicacy of a bewitching perfume. the Pierre Fabre Laboratoites have a rigorous approach to the dermo-cosmetics, based on its culture pharmaeutique. This laboratory is advised by the phramaciens but also by es dermatologists. Galenic laboratories are specialized in three areas: skin, assets and the dosage. All elaborate care are based on expertise and innovative research enabling them to be innovative and effective. operating tips: Apply morning and/or evening on face and neck. Conservation: keeps 6 months after opening.