Countertop bathroom SOAP solid Tangerine 100g

solid Mandarin Marseille SOAP for clean, delicately perfumed skin Tangerine.

Manufacturer: Le Comptoir du Bain

SKU: 5124014 the counter of bath SOAP of Marseille solid Tangerine 100 g

the bathroom countertop is a French brand that combines tradition, pleasure and modernity, to provide a wide range of products of hygiene and well-being for the daily.


the collection of solid soaps from Marseille makes you enter a bubble of fun thanks to their colors and their varied scents.

SOAP of Marseille Mandarin is a solid SOAP to fruity and sparkling notes thanks its dynamic fragrance with Tangerine.

produced from vegetable oils of natural origin, this SOAP gently cleanses and dry out the skin. Its creamy foam and its aromatic, fruity and sparkling scent leave delicately perfumed skin and give it a delicate feeling of comfort and freshness.

without preservatives and animal fats, this SOAP did not assault the skin but the respect.

thus, while being clean your skin is fragrant and protected.

Tips for using SOAP of Marseille Mandarin:

every day, apply the SOAP on wet skin. Lather then rinse.


don't swallow.

do not apply to the contour of the eyes and mucous membranes.

keep the dark.