Countertop bathroom SOAP roller bamboo green 100g tea

SOAP Pebble at bamboo and green tea extract for scenting gently skin and him get an intense well-being.

Manufacturer: Le Comptoir du Bain

SKU: 1884046 the counter of bath SOAP roller bamboo tea green 100 g

the bathroom countertop is a French brand that combines tradition, pleasure and modernity, to provide a wide range of health and wellness products daily.


crack without hesitation for these soaps gently scented cold cream pebbles!

the SOAP green tea bamboo roller is a cold cream solid SOAP indicated for the daily well-being of the skin.

indeed, this SOAP envelope skin of a film protector and it brings freshness and comfort while providing a delicious bamboo and green tea scent.Its tonic and refreshing character is an invitation to escape in the shadow of nomad tents.

in addition, it is suitable for delicate skin and thus respects all skin types.

Tips for using SOAP roller bamboo green tea:

apply on wet skin. Lather then rinse.


don't swallow.

keep the dark.