Countertop bathroom SOAP Mr happy perfume poppy 100g


SKU: 1884063 the counter of bath SOAP Mr happy perfume poppy 100 g

the bathroom countertop is a French brand that combines tradition, pleasure and modernity, to provide a wide range of health and wellness products.


the new collection of soaps in bread, with an image of a character Sir Madam, the cleansing base, delicately scented and containing a figurine Sir or Madam.

Mr happy SOAP is a SOAP in bread flavoured with poppy. This SOAP gently cleanses the skin and leaves it delicately perfumed.

in addition, it contains a pretty figure Mr happy. Thus, wash becomes a real game.

Tips for using SOAP Mr happy poppy:

use daily SOAP on a wet skin. Lather then rinse.


wash the figurine with warm water before giving it to the child.

do not apply to the eye contour area.

keep the dark.