Countertop Aroma oil diffuser essential Fjord


SKU 9797885 countertop Aroma oil diffuser essential Fjord


Countertop Aroma offers the Fjord essential oil diffuser. This diffuser with cyclic timer and power controller provides a healthy and pleasant atmosphere.

Indeed, atmospheric scattering by nebulization cold is the most effective way to use essential oils. Their scent promotes a pleasant atmosphere and they are beneficial to health.

The Fjord essential oil diffuser releases without having to heat them, aromatic molecules.

Addition, this diffuser is powerful, silent and programmable. It fits in any room of a House, quickly cleans the atmosphere of an area of 20 to 100 m 2.

Thanks to the command shell, you can adjust the strength of diffusion and program an alternating cycle of transmission time and pause time during 1 h 45 minutes.

Dissemination will be carried out by three consecutive 15-minute broadcast followed by a 30 minute cycles and stops. Thus, the unit will automatically broadcast essential oils without overloaded the atmosphere.

Tips for using diffuser oils essential Fjord:

Refer to the instruction manual.


1 nebulizer glass, 1 Cap Eastern 360 diffuser, 1 base in wood, 1 command interface, 1 power adapter and 1 instruction manual.


Broadcast outside of the presence of children less than 6 years, pregnant or breastfeeding women or frail.

Do not use with perfumes or scents of synthesis under risk of damage to the appliance.