Countertop Aroma Air Pur Spray Sanitizer Orange cinnamon 200ml

Ambient spray Sanitizer with orange and cinnamon for a purified air.
Manufacturer: Le Comptoir Aroma
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SKU 1882374


Countertop clean air Aroma is an ambient spray Sanitizer orange flavours and cinnamon. This spray contains organic essential oils for optimal effectiveness against:






Purify this Clean Air spray nice your home leaving a delicate fresh, fruity scent in the air. Paraben, fragrance and colorant free.


Against dust mites, bacteria, mold and yeast.

Operating tips:

Spray upwards of space to clean ambient air 2 times per day. For a surface such as bedding or carpet, spray 20 times to 30 cm. Let stand a few minutes, then aspirate the surface.


65.7% (m/m) Ethanol (case: 64 - 17-5).


200 ml spray

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