Corega Polident cleaner antibacterial box of 96 tablets

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Cleaning dental appliances, anti-bacterial, anti-scale.

Manufacturer: Polident



SKU: 9470380 Corega Polident cleaner antibacterial box 96 tablets


Thanks to their concentrated formula, tablets cleaners COREGA effectively combat the formation of tartar and bacteria, cause irritation or injury to the gums. cleaners COREGA tablets give you cleanliness and hygiene in depth for lasting comfort. Convenient for travel, tablets cleaner COREGA individually packed in bags aluminum

operating tips:

put a Tablet cleaner COREGA in a glass of warm water with your dental appliance. Soak your appliance for 15 minutes, the time that the color of the water will clarify. Your device will then be perfectly clean and fresh Alternatively, you can let it soak overnight in the solution. Rinse your denture under running water before putting it back in the mouth.

precautions for use:

Do not put the tablet in the mouth, do not drink the solution, or use mouthwash. Keep out the reach of children.


Box 96 tablets.

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