Corega Polident adhesion Maximum hypoallergenic 40g

Adhesion maximum mounting extra strong and long lasting, hypoallergenic protects from irritation of the gums
Manufacturer: Polident


SKU 0500081 Corega Polident adhesion Maximum hypoallergenic 040 g

Overview :
exclusive formula of Polident :
-ensures extra strong and long-lasting attachment
-allows you to eat and drink with confidence
-prevents the insertion of food particles under your device, by the formation of a protective barrier between the device and the gingiva
-takes care of the gums through its formula without dye and preservative-free. Used daily, Polident helps prevent irritation of the gums caused by the port of your device dental.

operating tips :
Application :
1 - clean your denture and dry
2 - Remove fixing cream on your device in short strip away edges
3 - rinse your mouth and replace your unit holding firmly in place a few seconds.

practice tips :
start with a small amount of cream to avoid spillage. Increase the amount if necessary. An excessive amount of cream may cause an overflow. A daily application is sufficient to attach your machine all day. Use only once a day.

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