Cooper suppositories has Glycerin x 50


SKU 6064780 Cooper suppositories has Glycerin x 50

indications: laxative rectal lubricants, emollients.

SUPPOSITORIES the GLYCERIN is a laxative rectal. It can be irritating because of its mode of action.

Glycerin suppositories cause rapid evacuation of the lower part of the digestive tract by triggering the reflex of defecation. Saddles are involved within a period of 5 to 30 minutes after taking.

Side effects adverse effects of SUPPOSITORIES the GLYCERIN are frequently colic pains, diarrhoea, addictive, abdominal pain, local Burns rectum.


Do not use if allergic to glycerol.

composition: Glycerin 60 g / 100 g. Excipients: Gelatine 10 g, water 30 g.