Cooper Anti-Stick Spray 50ml
Cooper Anti-Stick Spray 50ml
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Cooper Anti-Stick Spray 50ml

Manufacturer: Cooper

sterile non-stick spray for take off easily and quickly dressing.
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Cooper Sterile anti-adhesive Spray 50ml


Laboratory Cooper presents the Spray PTFE Sterile.

This non-stick spray:

  • take off the bandages,

  • to remove the residues of glue.

Thus, the dressings to remove quickly without hurting.

Cooper Spray Sterile PTFE operating tips:

Spray on the edges of the dressing. Wait a few seconds, then remove the bandage. Renew if necessary.

A new dressing can be applied once dry skin.

To remove the glue residue, spray on the area to clean and remove the residues with a compress.


Reserved for adults and children over 30 months.

Do not expose to temperatures above 50 C.