Cooper Liniment Oleo-lime stabilized 750ml


SKU 6009436 Cooper Liniment Oleo-lime stabilized 750ml


Cooper laboratories designed for infants Liniment oleo-lime stabilized. It protects the skin of the buttocks of your baby against the diaper irritation due to contact extended with the saddle or the urine - mites and aggressive germs.

Its natural formula and hypoallergenic allows maximum protection without the risk of assault for the skin of babies. The rash skin is cleaned and protected effectively.

Painful redness are eliminated, the baby's skin is soft. Therefore, effective care to assist growth and ensure a flawless child health.

From its first use, sensitive areas are treated and protected.

This treatment is intended for babies of all ages.

Tips for using Liniment Oleo-limestone:

Shake the care before use. Apply to a cotton or compress directly on red and irritated areas. Use daily after bath and at the time of change diapers.

Keep in a cool place.

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