Cooper Liniment Oleo-lime stabilized 500ml

The Liniment oleo-limestone of COOPER protected the diaper babies skin.

Manufacturer: Cooper

SKU: 6009493 Cooper Liniment Oleo-lime stabilized 500ml


Diaper rash is a skin inflammation caused by prolonged contact with the skin of the baby with a dirty diaper due to feces and urine. The buttocks are red, hot and painful.

Stabilized Liniment oleo-limestone, Cooper laboratories, has been developed to protect infants against diaper rash skin.

This product wash and protect the baby's bottom filing a protective film against acid residues of urine. In addition, it participates in the improvement and protection of the fragile skin of babies.

Liniment oleo-limestone can be used daily. He assaults not the baby's skin. Indeed, it is composed of natural elements such as olive oil and it is without scent and conservative. It does therefore not allergy.

This product can be used as a massage to soothe the baby.

Tips for using Liniment Oleo-limestone:

Shake before use. Then applied directly on the buttocks of the baby or with a cotton.


Natural product without preservative or perfume.

Olive oil, calcium hydroxide Solute.