Coolmist Mini ultrasonic humidifier Vicks has cold vapour

Mini-humidifier ultrasonic mist
Manufacturer: Vicks
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SKU 9781832 Coolmist Mini ultrasonic humidifier Vicks has cold vapour

Properties Mini ultrasonic humidifier Vicks:

To better breathe and enjoy the soothing steam, keep the humidity between 40% and 60% level. This will reduce the life expectancy of the flu virus and will ease the discomfort associated with a nose, throat, eyes and skin dry, allowing your baby to go well.

indications Mini ultrasonic humidifier Vicks:

Handle of the tank facilitates filling and moving. for more great comfort, frees Vicks soothing menthol vapours when used with VapoPads shelves (optional). Other features of Vicks Mini humidifier Ultrasonic.

  • nozzle adjustable steam.
  • to help prevent white dust buildup, the water passes through the demineralization cartridge.
  • for the removal of microbes, the water passes through a cartridge anti-bacteria.
  • steam control knob.
  • light.
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