Condoms Manix Play 16 to sensations

SKU: 2136206 Manix Play 16 preservatives sensations


Manix Play is a set of 16 assorted condoms to draw every day a different pleasure!

4 Manix Skyn:

sensporene condoms that render the feeling nothing wear.

4 Manix Contact:

thin condoms for sensations inactes, flared shape 'special comfort'.

2 Intense Manix:

beaded and pearled for double stimulation condoms.

2 Manix Xtra Pleasure:

preservatives exciting shape and texture ribbed for Xtra Stimulation for both partners.

2 Manix Endurance:

condoms retardants. Its unique shape and its lubricant have been designed to delay ejaculation and prolong your sex.