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Compeed patches invisible fever blister box 15

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SKU 4205242 Compeed invisible cold sore patches 15 box

indications: button. fever treatment invisible patch sore Compeed is based on one of the most advanced technologies in the care of wounds: ultra-fine hydrocolloid-075 technology (patent pending). It allows to quickly address the fever blister and, at all stages of its development. its patented applicator system allows an easy installation of the patch without touching the infected area and so without risk of contamination. Once applied, the patch covers and insulates the fever blister. It is at each stage of its development:

relieves burning and itching sensations Allows faster healing * Discreet Prevents contamination and secondary infections the effectiveness of the patch:

invisible patch sore Compeed is at all stages of development of the fever blister:

stage 1 - warning signs this stage is characterized by sensations of burning tingling and itching.

Immediate relief

The invisible patch sore Compeed immediately relieves burning and itching sensations. By covering the button, the patch protects the nerve endings of air, responsible for discomfort and even pain. 92% of participants in the clinical study * found a decrease of sensations of burning and itching.

stage 2 - Pustules one or two days later, redness and blisters appear. a discreet to not be shy or embarrassed patch

With the patch, purulent lesions go virtually unnoticed. In addition, the patch is still more discreet slot of makeup. 88% of participants in the clinical study * found that their fever blister was less visible with the Patch invisible sore Compeed with their usual treatment.

stage 3 - Ulceration vesicles rupture forming a festering and painful wound. The risk of contagion is very important.

Reduces the risk of contamination and infection

By isolating the infected area, the patch reduces the risk of contamination (entourage or other parts of the body) and secondary infections. It prevents people with hit the button and to prevent the risk of contamination. The patch is impermeable to water, bacteria and impurities. 82% of participants in the clinical study * liked the fact that the patch prevented them from touching the button.

stage 4 - crust

the lesions dry, a crust forms. This stage can be painful if the crust cracks and bleeds.

Conditions of natural moisture of the skin for healing without crust formation

Invisible patches sore Compeed reproduce the conditions of natural moisture of the skin to promote rapid healing and pain-free. The absence of crust formation to reduce the risk of scarring. 86% of participants in the clinical study * found no crust during the study period.

stage 5 - healing if crust is formed, it will fall in this stage.

Faster healing

In clinical study *, 63% of subjects reported that healing was fastest with the patch than with their current treatment.

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