Compeed Oeil de Perdrix + box 6 dressings

SKU: 4500521 Compeed Oeil de Perdrix + box 6 dressing

indications: Eye of partridge + With salicylic acid Helps eliminate the horns. 6 dressings. horns are layers of dead skin generated by our bodies in response to pressures on a localized part of the foot. Compeed Oeil de Perdrix + helps eliminate the horns in :-mitigating pressures -now wet the affected area -softening corns with salicylic acid operating tips : apply the dressing by positioning the central disc at the level of the eye of Partridge. After 48 h maximum, remove the dressing. Soak the injured area in hot water for 5 minutes, then remove the dead skin that detaches. Repeat this process all 48 h until the eye of Partridge has completely disappeared (14 days maximum). Composition: polyurethane film, cellulose gum, styrene isoprene copolymer, hydrocarbon resin, dioctyl adipate, titanium dioxide, Rashid Ali rashidali hydrogenated, salycilic acid.