Compeed horns moisturizers box 6

Bandage body for a targeted and continuous hydration. Helps stop the development of corns.

Manufacturer: Compeed

SKU: 9477896 Compeed dressings horns medium Format


More for your horns as a simple hydration. moisturizers horns dressings are designed to help stop the development of corns with their pad effect and their hydration continues. hydrocolloid dressing technology associated with a moisturizing ultra tablet at its centre:

  • offers targeted and hydration keeps the layers of hardened, skin
  • protects against friction and reduces the pressure,
  • thus relieves pain due to the pressure.


1.7 x 5.7 cm 6 dressings:

  • apply the dressing on clean and dry skin.
  • do not touch the adhesive part of dressing.
  • leave it in place until it falls off of himself knowing that he can stay in place several days.
  • stays in place for a period depending on the individuals.