Compeed crevices of heel box 2


SKU: 5444799 Compeed crevices of heel box 2

indications: 2 dressings 8.6x14.0 cm case immediately relieves pain.

protective dressing skin hydrocolloid, adhesive, Occlusive, for treatment and prevention of CREVICES in the heel.

hydrocolloids particles turn into a gel that maintains the crevasse in a hydrating, promoting environment so the natural process of healing.

breathable, impermeable to water, it leaves the skin, while now the crevasse free from impurities and bacteria to breathe.

operating tips: apply the dressing crevices on your heels: it can be kept for 3 days as it lets the skin breathe while preserving bacteria and water.

composition: formula INCI: Artificial elastomer, tackifier resins, Dbit particles (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose) plasticiser, polyurethane film.