Compeed blisters size medium 5 dressings

bandages for blisters to protect the wound from the friction and pain.

Manufacturer: Compeed

SKU: 9827037 Compeed dressings bulbs size medium 5 dressings

Feet bulbs appear during friction, heat, humidity or dirt. They can also provide when wearing new shoes. However, ell es are painful. It is therefore essential to adequately treat this wound.


Compeed offers a wide range of dressings bulbs that instantly relieve pain and protects the wound of friction.

Compeed dressings bulbs is specially designed for the heel bulbs. Indeed, his medium format is adapted to the size of the heel and thus apply dressing directly on the heel. It acts as a second skin for:

  • relieve pain,

  • prevent friction with a pad, effect

  • preventing infections,

  • accelerate healing.

Compeed dressing bulbs is impermeable to water, bacteria and impurities. It has a grip over several days. In addition, the dressing remains perfectly in place.

This dressing can be used:

  • from the first sensations of friction or burns, the development of the light bulb will be thus prevented,

  • on a light bulb already formed, pain is relieved and the healing is accelerated.

Compeed dressings bulbs operating tips:

Apply the dressing on clean, dry skin directly on the area where the bulb is located.

Do not touch the adhesive part of dressing.

Leave the bandage in place until it falls off by itself. It can stay in place for several days. The duration varies between individuals.


For diabetics, consult a physician before use.