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Hydrocolloid dressing for size bulbs average

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SKU: 7132727 Compeed blisters medium Format box of 5

indications: protective dressing skin hydrocolloid adhesive, Occlusive, for treatment and prevention of bulbs and injury of friction in sensitive areas.

Particles hydrocolloids are transformed into a gel that maintains the wound in an environment moisturizing, favouring thus the natural healing process while protecting the skin.

Dressing permeable to air, water proof, breathable skin, while now the wound free from impurities and bacteria.

The dressing can be kept 2-3 days. According to activities, it will eventually break him even. You can strengthen it using plaster.

Can take shower or bath as usually.

During the healing phase, the secretions produced by the bulbs are normally absorbed and appear as a white area is gelling becoming slightly curved. The dressing then acts as a DOUBLE skin and forms a real barrier against impurities.

Tips use: start with clean, disinfect and dry the skin. remove dandruff protection. stretch gently skin, without stretching the dressing applying. press on the skin in making sure that the edges adhere well. COMPEED adheres perfectly when it is heated, after applying keep the hand for a minute or more.

Never cut a COMPEED, it must be used in its original format.

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