Compeed blisters assortment 5 dressings

SKU: 6072024 Compeed blisters assortment 5 dressings


Very convenient, the assorted dressings bulbs COMPEED offers three different formats for all areas of the foot: 2 bandages medium Format for heel, 2 small Format dressings the side of the foot, 1 dressing toes.

Dressing COMPEED acts as a second skin. It will relieve the pain instantly, avoid friction with a pad effect and adhere perfectly for several days: 30% longer than ordinary bandages.

It will also speed up the healing process and prevent infections: impervious to water, bacteria and impurities.

directions for use:

Apply on clean and dry skin. Wait the dressing falls off by itself. Remains in place several days.


box 5 dressings