Comodynes Easy Peeling New Face Effect 1 wipe

Exfoliating facial wipe

Manufacturer: Comodynes

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SKU: 4549964 Comodynes Easy Peeling 1 Lingette


It eliminates residues of impurities and dead cells. It cleans the pores in depth, for a renewed, more smooth and uniform skin. It has a double exfoliation: mechanical, with residue of tissue and biological microspheres, because its formula contains organic ingredients that stimulate cell renewal. The use of exfoliating pad increases the efficiency of self-Tanner and care cream because it eliminates the impurities, allowing better penetration of aftercare. Without rinsing, without trace, without complications. Can be used for the care of the body. Applicable on all skin types.

directions for use:

Apply massage on dry skin, focusing on the forehead, nose and Chin. Use 1-2 times per week.


Water Witch Hazel, glycerin and derivatives, Renovador celular


1 cloth bag