Coheban band white 10cm x 3.5 m

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Cohesive contention band, sprains, tendonitis, Phlebology, maintenance of dressings

Manufacturer: Nexcare 3M



SKU: 6613494 Coheban band white 10cm x 3.5 m

Overview : belt 3 m Coheban allows a reliable and durable restraint both in traumatology and phlebology. Auto-adherente :-Adheres on it even without sticking to skin -removed without pain elasticity modular and constant in time :-Follows the oedema reduction -not relaxes -Can remain in place up to 7 days convenient and comfortable :-Repositionable and reusable -ventilated Structure -Retains its properties in contact with water Indications : light Restraints to average in : * trauma -mild sprain average for ankle and wrist -traumatic edema -tendonitis -muscle damage -relay of rigid restraint * Phlebology -functional venous insufficiency -varicose veins -varicose ulcers -disease post-thrombotoique -ambulatory phlebectomy -surgery suite * maintenance -fixation of dressings -maintenance of splints and accessories