Codifra Actyvigil 21 capsules


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Actyvigil brings you a wealth of vital phospholipids specific to the brain, micronutrients and vitamins for a healthier brain function. Actyvigil contributes to normal psychological functioning.

Phospholipids are very sensitive to oxidation and must therefore be protected by vitamin E. Magensium and B vitamins promote energy production of which the brain is a large consumer.

For a stronger treatment: 3 boxes.

Important information: the + products

  • Wild fish gelatin capsules
  • Vitamin E natural
  • fish oil highly concentrated OMEGA 3
  • natural Glycerophospholipids extracted from wheat.


For memory, to optimise long-term memory.  Improve school performance. Helps towards memory maintenance for the elderly.
For vigilance, to improve focus and attention.
For concentration, to help increase learning capabilities.

Recommended Use: 

Take one to two capsules per day.


Fish oil EPAX 6000 .. 218mg

Phospholipids of 95% wheat .. 117mg, of which:
35% of phosphatidyl serine,
25% of phosphatidyl choline,
25% of phosphatidyl inositol,
15% of phosphatidyl ethanolamine

Magnesium .. 50mg

Vitamin B3 .. 39mg

Zinc .. 7.5 mg

Natural Vitamin E .. 5mg

Vitamin B6 .. 1mg

Vitamin B12 .. 0.5mcg


Box of 21 capsules.


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