Coalgan powder 8g

Powder to stop the bleeding of wounds, cuts or abrasions.
Manufacturer: Bioes
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SKU 2106990 Coalgan powder 8 g


Coalgan powder is a powder hemostasis and healing indicated to quickly stop bleeding of:

  • wounds of scalp,

  • razor, cuts

  • abrasions,

  • scratches,

  • diaper rashes.

Addition, this powder soothes pain.

Easy to use, Coalgan powder is very convenient for the treatment of all wounds where the application of a secondary dressing is difficult, see impossible.

Coalgan powder operating tips:

clean the wound with water or with physiological saline. then apply directly Coalgan powder on the wound.

it is not necessary to cover with a secondary dressing.
the powder adheres to the wound and the surplus will fall to the first movement.

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