Coalgan powder 8g

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SKU: 2106990 Coalgan powder 8g


Coalgan powder is a healing and Hemostatic powder indicated to quickly stop bleeding are:

  • scalp wounds,

  • Razor cuts,

  • abrasions,

  • scratches,

  • gluteal erythemas.

In addition, this powder soothes the pain.

Easy to use, Coalgan powder is very convenient for the treatment of all the wounds where the application of a secondary dressing is difficult, impossible to see.

Tips for using Coalgan powder:

Clean the wound with water or with saline. Then apply directly Coalgan powder on the wound.

It is not necessary to cover with a secondary dressing.The powder will adhere to the wound and the surplus will fall to the first movement.

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A. Anonymous
  the 12/03/2018
5/ 5
Fast stopping bleeds can use on dogs and cats as well