Clément Thékan Vital'Form slimming cat paste 100g oral

Vital'Form, the oral paste which deals with your cat overweight.
Manufacturer: Clément Thékan


SKU: 9021357

Clément Thékan Vital'Form slimming cat paste oral 100g


Feline obesity is now considered a real pathology. Indeed, it can have serious consequences on the health of cats: decrease of durability, osteo-articular disorders, susceptibility to infections, cardiorespiratory disorders.

Clement Thekan laboratories were therefore designed to treat overweight cat dough oral Vital'Form. It allows your cat to stabilize his weight. It helps your cat food balance. Indeed, this oral paste decreases the absorption of fats and the feeling of hunger. In addition, it allows a supplemention of vitamins.

This product is used with a suitable diet and daily physical activity of your pet.

Vital'Form slimming cat thus guarantees weight loss of your cat for a future maintenance of this.

Clément Thékan Vital operating tips ' Form:

apply 2 times per day oral paste 2 cm of dough (1.6 g) on the bracket, the snout or food vote cat, until the desired weight.