Clément Thékan Parasikan Anti-Lice & Anti-Tick Grey Cat Collar

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pest control collar for cats.

Manufacturer: Clément Thékan



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Clément Thékan Parasikan necklace cat grey


Parasikan is a flea collar and tick for cats. Parasikan warns of new infestations by fleas. The efficiency of the collar persists for 8 months. In addition, it automatically detaches if the cat is hanged by the.

The dimpylate (or diazinon) is a molecule of the family of organophosphates. It is characterized by its insecticidal activity. It leads to irreversible poisoning insects.

operating tips:

  • do not apply to the kittens of less than three months.
  • Do not use on sick or convalescent animals or with skin lesions.
  • Do not use other insecticides organophosphates on the animal until it wears the collar.
  • Remove the collar if the cat is bathed or washed and return it when the hair is dry.