Clinomint more toothpaste Mint strong Special smoking lot 2x75ml

SKU: 2576164 Clinomint for the smokers Mint stronger lot 2x75ml


Tobacco leaves on the teeth of residues and makes them yellow. Tasks are due to nicotine. In addition, the breath is bad.

This is why Gilbert laboratories have developed for Clinomint smokers more fluoride. This toothpaste is stain.

In addition, usual cleaning, this toothpaste removes and prevents nicotine stains. Furthermore, its strong mint taste in the mouth leaves a sensation of freshness. The breath becomes better and the teeth found their natural whiteness.

The teeth are cleaned and protected.

operating Clinomint more tips:

Use toothpaste daily when brushing after every meal. Dentists recommend regular brushing for 2 minutes per day.


This toothpaste is not suitable for children.