Clément Thékan Midaspot 80mg big cats 4 pipettes

Midaspot prevents and treats your cat flea infestations. Learn more
Manufacturer: Clément Thékan


SKU 9021363

Clement Thekan Midaspot 80 mg big cats 4 pipettes


Parasites exist in your animal and your environment. Therefore, it is necessary to treat them to combat fleas effectively. Clment Thkan provides pest control protection for your cat with Midaspot. This product prevents and treats flea infestations. The effect is immediate and lasts 4 weeks.

Tips for using Clment Thekhan Midaspot:

Apply the solution at the level of your pet's neck pulling hair. Avoid contact with the eyes and mouth of your pet.


This treatment is suitable for cats by 4 kg or more. It should not be used more than once per week.

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