ClearBlue Test of Ovulation Digital 2 hormones box of 10

With detection of two hormones, 99% accurate Test of Ovulation Digital Clearblue identifies the 4 most favorable days for conceiving a child.

Manufacturer: Clearblue

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SKU: 4065781 Clearblue Digital Ovulation 2 Hormones Test box of 10


Test of Ovulation Digital Clearblue detects two hormones and identifies 4 fertile cycle, days two times more than any other ovulation test, it increases your chances of falling pregnant. Ce Test ovulation with detection of two hormones is innovative: it detects not only the increase of LH, but it also measures the concentration of other key fertility hormone , estrogen, which increases in the days preceding the peak of LH easy to read thanks to the pictographs, a smiley face flashing for the days of fertility high prior to ovulation and a smiling face fixed for maximum fertility days, namely the day where the peak of LH is detected, and the following day.

indications of ClearBlue easy Digital Ovulation Test:

  • identifies generally 4 days the most favourable design... or 2 more than any other ovulation test
  • only ovulation test to measure precisely 2 key fertility hormones
  • identifies a larger window of fertility, in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally more than 99% reliable capable to adjust to each test depending on your unique hormonal profile
  • Test easy to use
  • displays the numerical results clear and unambiguous under the form of a face smiling

operating tips:

this test of ovulation is used as a regular test: once a day, at the same time, at the time of the cycle where you expect a rise in hormone LH. It identifies the days of your cycle where the probability of conception is optimal.

  • Insert a new refill in each test maker.
  • hold the stem in the urine stream for 5 seconds.
  • replace the CAP.
  • read result after 3 minutes.

the result of the ovulation test can be distorted in the case of menopause, pregnancy, fertility treatment, or polycystic ovarian syndrome. If in doubt please consult your pharmacist.