ClearBlue Test of Ovulation box of 10

The Test of Ovulation Digital Clearblue allows you to increase your chances of being pregnant giving you reliably your most favorable cycle days

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SKU: 9850935 ClearBlue Test of Ovulation box of 10

indications: digital ovulation Test ovulation is triggered by the sudden rise of the Luteinizing Hormone secreted by the pituitary gland, located near the brain. The peak of LH precedes ovulation 24 to 36 hours.

Used every day, around the days where the LH peak should occur, the Clearblue Test of the Digital Ovulation enables you to identify the 2 days of your cycle where sexual intercourse will be most likely to lead to a design. the Test is more than 99% reliable and displays the result in just 3 minutes and is very easy to read because there is no line to interpret. a "circle" indicates that you did not detect your LH peak and a "smiling face/smiley" indicates that you have detected your LH peak.

The suite belongs only to you and your partner. operating tips: remove its protective pouch charging remove the CAP and insert the refill into the device. locate the Pink arrows on the unit and Recharge and align them so that they point towards the other. Recharge engages with a "click" and a "Ready to use Test" symbol appears on the screen.

Then simply hold the rod acquiring in the flow of urine for 5 to 7 seconds or in a sample of urine for 15 seconds.

Screen displays the result in 3 minutes. A 'empty circle' symbolizes the result "No LH surge" or a "smiling face/Smiley" indicates that the peak of LH has been detected. In this case, you must have sexual intercourse within 48 h following to maximise your chances of being pregnant.