ClearBlue Digital pregnancy Test box 2

Test of pregnancy Digital with estimation of the gestational age. The clearest test of the market!

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SKU: 6585605 ClearBlue easy Digital pregnancy Test box 2

indications: Test of pregnancy electronics. electronic Clearblue pregnancy Test was 1 pregnancy test of this kind to have been launched worldwide. It offers all the advantages of the Clearblue range, including reliability, the ease and simplicity of use.

When you're pregnant, your body secretes a hormone of pregnancy called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone. The amount of hCG present in your body increases rapidly during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Although the levels of hCG reaches a maximum between the 7th and 12th weeks, it remains higher than normal during the rest of the pregnancy and up to about 3 weeks after childbirth. HCG levels remained above normal for about 9 weeks if you have had a miscarriage or undergone a termination of pregnancy.

. The Test of pregnancy electronic Clearblue can detect the pregnancy hormone hCG at any time of the day, from the first day of delay of menstruation through an optical reader that scans for you the result and displays it in all letters: 'Pregnant' or 'Pas speaker'. operating tips: prior to testing, it is absolutely imperative to insert charging into the unit.

When you are ready to make your pregnancy Test electronic Clearblue, remove the recharging of its protective pouch. Remove the CAP. Locate the blue arrows on the unit and Recharge and align them so that they point towards the other. Insert the refill into the device until it snaps. The "Ready to use Test" symbol will appear on the screen.

Place the acquiring Rod pointing downwards, under your urine stream for 5 to 7 seconds or dip the stem acquiring in the urine sample collected, for 15 seconds. symbol indicating that the test is ready to be read will blink after 20 to 30 seconds. - not eject charging at this point.

Your result will appear on the screen in 3 minutes. It is possible that some results appear in less than a minute. reliable more than 99% from the first day of delay rules.