Clareva Gel Herpes Genital 10g

Finally a product to treat the painful symptoms of herpes.

Manufacturer: HRA Pharma

SKU: 6426119 Clareva Gel Herpes Genital 10g

Properties :

Gel covering and protective for relieving pain caused by herpes.

The application this gel forms an invisible protective film protecting the injury. Basis of triglycerides oxidized from plant essential fatty acids, freeze clareva allows to protect the skin from external aggressions, relieve the painful symptoms and promote the process of healing. This dealing with gel is a medical device. It contains no perfume or paraben.

indications Clareva Gel:

  • Significantly reduced the symptoms of genital herpes on the first day of application: pain, itching, tingling and burns.

  • Significantly reduced the Mucocutaneous lesions: redness, papules, vesicles, edema and ulceration that cause gene and pain.

  • Protects and therefore promotes the process of healing.

Tips :

This gel can be kept at room temperature. Wash your hands after application. Do not use beyond the expiration date