Cicalene Film treatment crevices hands & feet 60 applications

SKU: 5441967 Akilene Cicalene Film care crevices hands & feet


the Movie care crevices for hands and feet relieves and heals the crevices with his protective film and protects from external aggressions.

the first week, cracks heal visually. It helps combat the hypertrophy of the horny skin. In the first application, the skin is intensely moisturized and relieved pain. The film which is flexible, transparent and waterproof. It applies easily thanks to its soft brush.

Cicalene Film care crevices hands & feet operating tips:

disinfect and dry the wound.

spread evenly and gently with the brush on the crevasse.

let dry 1 minute: the dressing will form a film.

renew application 1 to 2 times a day until complete healing.