Cicabiafine balm repairman crevices 50ml

Intensely moisturizes and repairs from 7 days

Manufacturer: Biafine



SKU: 4220891 Cicabiafine balm repairman crevices 50 ml

indications: intense moisturising treatment, repairs as soon as 7 days. The properties and Servicers. hyaluronic acid-enriched relieves and provides immediate comfort. Hypoallergenic. packaging: plastic tube with pouring CAP, case cardboard. shelf life after opening: 12 months. Ideal for: handcare, hands damaged. care of feet, feet damaged, very dry feet. heels cracked, cracked heels. Crevices, cracks. operating tips: cure: apply on chapped or cracked areas 2 times a day or more to repair complete. Prevention: apply 2 to 3 times a week to prevent the formation of cracks.