Chondro-Aid Ice 3 Gel 100ml

Gel triple cold effect that relieves and soothes joint pain
Manufacturer: Arkopharma


SKU 5172183 Chondro-Aid Ice3gel 100 ml

Properties Ice3gel:

Cryotherapy gel ideal for joint pain. Thanks to its formula triple cold effect, this gel relieves and soothes joints, muscles, and post-traumatic pains.

Gel soothes pains caused by everyday life, by sport or shocks such as sprains, strains, blows, and tendonitis. It quickly relieves small muscle, inflammatory pain but also the joints and tendons. Is it directly where it hurts through its action of cold gel.

Ice3gel operating tips:

Applied directly to the skin, targeting pain and massage gently until absorbed.

conservation Ice3gel:

Is good for 12 months after opening

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