Chiffon sponges pink and blue x 2

SKU: 6356169 chiffon sponges pink and blue x 2


The sponge chiffon is indicated for beauty care.

Indeed, made up of pore, it combines removal efficiency and extreme softness. This material offers all the advantages of a material perfectly tolerated by sensitive skin.

This sponge is ideal for removing makeup and the elimination of impurities.

In addition, it has a very sweet honeycomb and it is sterilized in boiling water.

Tips for using chiffon sponge:

Soak the sponge in hot water to soften.

It can be sterilized in boiling water without alteration of the structure of sponge.

After boiling the sponge, take care to let it cool in the hot water without touching to not deform.

Apply SOAP and apply on the skin not light massage then rinse.

Avoid using the sponge with an alcoholic lotion.