Chiffon sponge travel Rose

travel sponge to gently remove impurities from the skin.

Manufacturer: Mousseline

SKU: 6071188 chiffon sponge travel Rose


The sponge chiffon consists of original material: the Poral.

This material allows to eliminate with extreme gentleness exudates and impurities from the skin thanks to the abundant foam developed by the alveolar structure of sponge.

In contact with the skin, the sponge becomes very soft.

Ideal for your trips, this sponge will accompany you everywhere.

Furthermore, it is Autoclavable at will with boiling water.

operating chiffon sponge travel tips:

Wet sponge so that it become soft and supple.

Place the necessary amount of SOAP or shower gel.

Then apply apply on the skin and massage gently and rinse.

The sponge can be washed in machine 40 .


Avoid using the sponge with acoolisees lotions because the alcohol dissolves the thin alveolar structure.