Chiffon Make Up slices x 4

SKU: 6356198 Chiffon Make Up slices x 4


Slat chiffon Make Up consists of pore that combines effectiveness of elimination, the uniformity of spreading and the extreme sweetness.

Indeed, this material offers all the advantages of a material tolerated by sensitive skins.

It is particularly suitable for the cleansing and face care.

Moreover, these slats are sterilized in boiling water.

Your makeup is eliminated along with impurities.

Tips for using chiffon Make Up slats:

Soak the slide in hot water to soften. Then, cool in hot water without touching to avoid to deform. Then, wait 2 minutes and press the sponge and dry.

Pour soap or gel shower on the slide and apply a light massage on the face.


Avoid using it with an alcoholic lotion.