Cetaphil Lotion cleanser 200ml

Cleansing lotion high tolerance, daily care of sensitive or dry skin

Manufacturer: Cetaphil



SKU: 6446955 Cetaphil Lotion cleanser 200 ml

Properties: soft and non-irritant cleansing Lotion recommended for the daily care of sensitive skin and dry. SOAP-free Formulation eliminating all impurities and makeup. helps the skin to maintain hydration. leaves skin soft, smooth and healthy. Soothes and softens while cleaning. neutral PH for effective cleaning and delicate. recommendations: recommended for cleaning soft damaged, sensitive skin and dermatological treatments. Also suitable for the skin of babies. operating tips: Apply Cetaphil on the skin and massage gently. without water: remove the excess product with a cotton. with water: Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.