Cerudex Hygiene of the ear 100 ml

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Cerudex is a spray for the hygiene of the ear of adults and children for 3 years. It is a medical device made of 100% seawater which allows to effectively clean safe natural. It is particularly recommended for people prone to plugs, or holders of hearing aids. This spray contains a formula based on isotonic seawater without preservatives. Its ergonomic and flexible dissemination system guarantees a safe and effective distribution. His jet inverted umbrella allows a dynamic exterior cleaning of the ear canal without exerting any pressure on the eardrum. At first use, it thins and dissolves ear wax and protects the ear canal. It also performs a preventive action on the formation of plugs.


For hygiene of the ear, from the age of 3.

Operating tips

1 to 2 sprays per ear, 2 to 3 times per week. In the event of excessive production of ear wax, can be used daily. Remove the transparent Cap. Do not cut or remove the nozzle to avoid any injury to the ear. Over the sink or in the shower, tilt the head to the left and insert the tip into the left ear and then spray. The jet cleans the ear canal flowing from the ear. Each spray should be brief and last month of a second. Repeat the operation in the right ear. Clean the nozzle with warm water and SOAP after use, then rinse.


100% natural isotonic sea water, Unpreserved.


100 ml spray