Cerudex Anti-Bouchon of wax 50ml

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Cerudex Anti-Bouchon of earwax is a spray for the hygiene of the ears and specially designed to dissolve Earwax plugs. This spray contains an original association of hypertonic seawater and specific natural assets. Its ergonomic and flexible dissemination system ensures safe and efficient distribution. It has a dynamic jet not directed towards the eardrum, to distribute the solution along the walls of the ear canal and guarantees optimum protection of the eardrum. In addition, it moisturises and calms irritation.


For ear hygiene. Suitable for children of 6 years.

Operating tips:

Use the spray 3 times a day for 5-7 days. Shake the bottle before use. Remove the transparent Cap. Do not cut or remove the nozzle to avoid any injury to the ear. Gently insert the tip into the ear and then spray briefly (less than one second). The solution is directly projected along the walls of the ear canal. Allow 5-10 seconds by slightly tilting head on the opposite side to dissolve Earwax plug, then spray again to rinse. Clean the nozzle with warm water and SOAP after use, then rinse


original combination of hypertonic living water from sea water and specific natural assets: water, vegetable Glycerin, castor oil, surfactant Non-Ionique, Niaouli essential oil (contains of Limonene).


50 ml spray