Centrum Select 50 + 30 tablets

Centrum is an dietary supplement adapted to seniors.

Manufacturer: Pfizer

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Centrum Select 50 + a complete and balanced formula composed of 13 essential vitamins and 11 minerals and trace elements, as well as lutein. It is suitable for people over 50 years. this food supplement allows you to keep a healthy. It brings:

  • nutritional balance: with vitamins and minerals to supplement a diet balanced,
  • immunity: thanks to antioxidants contributing to the normal functioning of the immune system,
  • vitality: through iron, Group B vitamins and magnesium which contribute to mitigate fatigue,
  • bone Capital: thanks to calcium, vitamin D and K which contribute to the maintenance of a backbone normal.

operating Centrum Select 50 + tips :

Take one tablet daily with a glass of water.