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Celluxyne Special Cellulite Solution oral 500ml

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SKU 2201574 Celluxyne Special Cellulite Solution 500ml oral


Most often nestled on the buttocks and thighs, but also, sometimes, on the arms or belly, cellulite is the bane of women. As, plans-resistant cellulite is thin as rounds.

Laboratories have therefore designed Celluxyne special cellulite, a buvale solution that helps lose weight. This solution contains:

  • green tea allowing the body to better eliminate fats,

  • dandelion permitting a better elimination of water,

  • Red which vine to improve circulation and combating venous insufficiency,

  • Guarana, deemed rich in caffeine, which allows to easily burn these fats in the body and which fights against skin dimples.

, Its delicious taste to Bilberry allows to combine lean and fun.

First results are fast, the skin becomes smooth and healthy. Traffic is better.

Celluxyne operating tips special cellulite:

dilute 20 ml of the solution into a glass of water, 1 time a day.


use as part of a healthy and varied diet. Keep the solution in the refrigerator after opening.

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